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The new 34 boulevard Saint Germain Eau de Parfum is an ode to the modernity of diptyque’s historic yet always evolving 34 boulevard Saint Germain boutique. A precious and multifaceted creation, in fragrance and in design.

Luxuriously enveloping, it recalls the welcoming ambiance of the boutique. A special atmosphere enhanced by the blond wood counters, vintage pieces and furniture, hiddentreasures that can be found at the number 34 and nourished by a soft golden light. Modern, fresh and fusing, it reminds us that the boutique and diptyque are in constant evolution towardmodernity with new asperities, created by the new encounters.

Graphic and contemporary interpretation of the codes of the line, the elegant smoky decor and the black and white Basile pattern coffret pay a tribute to the symbols and history of the Maison.

A poetic entrance into the insiders’ world.